Spot On Rewards

Each time you visit Tropical Tan, be sure to sign up for Spot On Rewards! With each check in you receive 1 Spot to use towards rewards!

Want to earn EXTRA SPOTS?

Take a selfie or photo at Tropical Tan and tag @tropicaltanjoplin on your Instagram or Facebook account. Show us and we will add 1 extra spot to your account within 24-48 hours!

Example: Picture of your tanning lotion in front of your tanning bed, selfie with the staff, picture of your favorite bed, use a sticker and post your after tanning results, etc…

7 Spots = Free Entry Level Tan

8 Spots = 50% off upgrade to any UV tanning bed

10 Spots = Free 10 minute aqua massage

10 Spots = Free Red Light Therapy Session

15 Spots = Free Upgrade to any UV tanning bed

20 spots = Free level 1 or 2 spray tan

25 Spots = 40% off 1 bottle of moisturizer

50 Spots = 30% off select tanning packages $50 or more

50 Spots = 50% off 1 bottle of lotion $50 or more

50 Spots = 50% off single Infrared Body Wrap

75 Spots = Free Month of Red Light Therapy

100 Spots = 50% off the Run of the House