Magic Pricing

Tropical Tan is proud to bring you two of the world’s most advanced high pressure beds. Made in Italy, the Magic and Sunsport contain 36,000 watts of power filtering out 99% of UVB rays. One session is equivalent to 9 sessions in a conventional bed. Enjoy the comfort of a mattress in the Sunsport with a max tan time of 20 minutes. Max tan time in the Magic is 12 minutes.

Single Session: $39.95

3 Tans: $102.95/$34.32 per tan

5 Tans: $130.95 /$26.19 per tan

15 Tans: $302.95.95 /$20.20 per tan

Diamond EFT: $79.95 / $2.70 per tan

12 and 6 month EFTs *$24.95 Nonrefundable start up fee