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Tropical Tan Introduces High Definition Spray Tan with Mystic HD

Tropical Tan is proud to announce our newest addition to our top of the line tanning equipment. The Mystic HD experience delivers a flawless natural-looking tan without exposure to UV rays.

What is UV-Free Spray Tanning?

Ultraviolet (UV)-free spray tanning is a process through which a mist is sprayed onto the skin to create a sunless tan. The result is temporary in nature, usually lasting several days.

What is the Mystic Tan HD Experience?

Mystic Tan HD is a revolutionary sunless tanning system. The tanning application occurs inside of a completely private, heated booth. A tanning solution is sprayed as a fine mist in a gentle back and forth motion, covering the tanner’s entire body from head to toe. After application, the booth uses pleasant, warm air to dry the body. The suntan should set within four to six hours and should last, on average, seven days.

Why is Mystic Tan HD Better?

Mystic Tan HD was carefully designed with the customer’s comfort in mind.

Unlike many tanning systems, the Mystic Tan HD booth is heated. This ensures the tanner’s ultimate comfort as well as facilitating the skin’s ability to absorb the tanning solution. Dry skin accepts the tanning solution more evenly, allowing for a more consistent, flawless tan. The booth also boasts an open-air feel. Tanners will not feel restricted and closed-in while receiving their skin application. A high-quality ventilation system keeps the air flowing inside the booth to prevent the tanner the discomfort of inhaling damp mist.

Because the Mystic Tan HD system uses a constant flow of warm air to keep tanners comfortable and dry, the skin is completely dry and not tacky immediately after application.

How is the Color Controlled?

Mystic Tan HD allows the tanner to customize the level of tan he or she receives. Four levels of color are offered from light to dark. The tanning solutions are infused with ingredients to prevent uneven fading, as well as all-natural components such as aloe and green tea extract.

Mystic Tan HD delivers a radiant, natural-looking tan with a noticeably enhanced customer experience.

Visit Joplin’s #1 Tanning Salon

To experience the Mystic HD for yourself, call Tropical Tan at (417) 782-3900 or visit our location at 7th & Illinois in Joplin.

Special Alert

Buy One Get the Other FREE! Mystic HD & Versa Spa –We are offering new clients the opportunity to try out our UV Free Tanning treatments, Mystic HD & Versa Spa. Buy a single spray tan in one of the booths and get the other free! (some restrictions may apply, for new clients only, single session only.)


 Mystic Sunless
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