Tropical Tan Receives Gold Star from BBB Again

Tropical Tan Receives Gold Star from BBB AgainTropical Tan has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Southwest Missouri by receiving the 2013 Gold Star Certificate. This award is given out to businesses that exemplify and promote the value of trust in the marketplace.

BBB Standards for Trust

2013 BBB Gold Star CertificateThe BBB recognizes the importance of developing and maintaining a relationship of trust between businesses and their consumers. They define eight standards of trust. Businesses must build trust and uphold integrity with new and returning consumers. All advertisements with product and service descriptions should be forthcoming and honest and all promises made to consumers should be honored, both verbal and written. The business must be transparent in their operations so their standards, policies, and guarantees are known and understood. All consumers also have the right to privacy and it is an imperative standard of the business to protect this privacy. Any disputes with the consumer must be fairly and professionally handled.

Tropical Tan and the BBB

Tropical Tan has been a member of the Southwest Missouri chapter of BBB since March of 2009. We are an A+ accredited business. This rating was achieved after going through an accreditation process with a 16 factor grading system that includes consumer complaints, time in business, and licensing or government actions being a few of the major factors.

Tropical Tan’s Acknowledgments

We are humbled and honored to receive this award. We would like to give special thanks and praise to God for blessing us with this award and with our wonderful employees and customers. We also want to express our sincere gratitude to our employees for the outstanding customer service they provide. We are very proud of their efforts to make customers feel sincerely welcome and satisfied. We also want to thank all of our customers for their continued support of our small business. We hope to continue to provide award-winning customer service to all current and future clients.


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Tropical Tan Receives Gold Star
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BBB Gold Star Certificate
©2013 Tropical Tan |

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