Aqua Massage

Benefits of an Aqua Massage

Benefits of Aqua Massage

Muscles tight? Shoulders or back aching? Feeling the stress of your busy life? You need an Aqua Massage! Aqua Massage offers all the benefits of a massage therapist in a quarter of the time and less than half the price.

What is an Aqua Massage treatment?

An Aqua Massage bed looks like a tanning bed. While you remain fully clothed, removing only your shoes, up to 36 jets of water distributed over your body provide up to 17 pounds of pressure on your aching joints and muscles. The jets can be positioned to concentrate on particular points of tightness in your body.

How long is a treatment?

Treatments last between 10 and 20 minutes, so you do not need to carve out an hour or more from a busy day as you would for a traditional massage.

What about privacy?

Sometimes traditional massages can be uncomfortable for those people who are, by nature, shy or reluctant to disrobe in the presence of another person. Aqua Massages are completely private.

How much does a treatment cost?

A 10-minute treatment costs just $14.00. This is far more affordable than a traditional massage, which can range $30-50.

Just how relaxing is the Aqua Massage?

The sound of water, the feeling of the jets pulsating over your body repeatedly, and the option of in-bed music during a treatment offer an optimally relaxing experience. Clients report feeling completely rejuvenated and refreshed after a treatment.

What kind of health benefits will I experience?

Aqua Massage offers numerous health benefits such as reduced muscle tension and soreness, improved circulation, decreased muscle spasms, restful sleep, less pain, and better range of motion.

Where do I go for an Aqua Massage?

Does the above sound like just the right experience for your sore muscles, knotted shoulders, or stressed mind? Call a trusted local salon to see if they offer the Aqua Massage. Your body will deeply thank you!

Tropical Tan is proud to offer the Aqua Massage treatment to the Joplin, Missouri area. Call us at 417-782-3900 with any questions you have or to schedule an Aqua Massage treatment. Or simply come on into our location at 7th and Illinois, where walk-ins are always welcome.

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