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The Advantages of Getting a Spray Tan

The Advantages of Getting a Spray Tan

One of the easiest ways to achieve a perfect tan without investing a whole lot of time is to get a spray tan. You can look like you have been drenched in sunshine, even when the weather or your schedule isn’t very accommodating.

Many Advantages

Spray tanning has many specific advantages. The very fine tanning solution that is used in the spraying process enters the surface of the skin as a delicate mist. This allows for an extremely smooth appearance that does not have any noticeable streaks. In addition, the person who is receiving the spray tan can get an all-inclusive tan or any portion, according to their personal choice. The bonus factor is that sunburn is not even on the radar because it is impossible to burn the skin with a spray tan.

Year-Round Tan

A spray tanning application is a fabulous way to tan at any time of the year and in any climate. The time of day does not matter, either. Many clients get their spray tans in the evenings or other times of the day or night when the sun is hiding. Clients may also choose the exact shades of their tans. Many start with a light shade of brown, and if they want, they can gradually increase the tones to the desired and perfect result.

Toss the Self-Tanners

The sun-kissed results that naturally occur in the spray tanning process are so much better than applying creams and lotions because the application is evenly distributed and controlled. Also, the professional application process is nice and neat; tanners do not need to worry about messiness. When the tanning solution is completely dry, it will not smear or damage clothing.

Spray Tan in Joplin

Those who want to explore these and other benefits of spray tanning should plan to visit a trusted tanning salon for more information about spray tans.

Tropical Tan in Joplin, Missouri offers two spray tan experiences: Versa Spa and Mystic Tan HD. Both the Versa Spa and Mystic Tan HD are booths that deliver immediate color that last up to 7 days. We recommend that you shave, shower, and exfoliate before spray tanning. Be sure to remove all makeup and lotion. You should allow 8-12 hours before showering or sweating for the bronzer to fully develop.

Feel free to call us with any questions you have about spray tanning or to schedule an appointment. (417) 782-3900 Also, walk-ins are always welcome, so come on in to our location at 7th & Illinois for your flawless spray tan.

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