Tropical Tan to Toss Great Prizes–on Frisbees!–to the MSSU Crowd

mssuStart exercising your Frisbee-catching fingers, because at tomorrow night’s MSSU game there just might be a nice tanning session—or more—attached to one, if you can catch it.

Lions cheerleaders will be hucking 50 Frisbees into the crowd, 25 of which will be specially marked with certificates for Tropical Tan’s excellent freebies, specials, and products*. Depending upon which Frisbee you catch, you might find the Grand Prize of $50 in free services, 1 free InfraRed Bodywrap session (a $65 value), and 1-3 free sessions in The Radiance—RedLight Therapy (a $30 value). This lucky winner can enjoy the healthy benefits of cellular detoxification, pain management, and weight control that the Bodywrap offers, as well as safely improving the skin’s youthful appearance with Red Light Therapy. We are excited to offer this ultimate prize to one lucky Frisbee catcher.The good news doesn’t stop there. Also attached to the flying discs will be other awesome Tropical Tan goodies. Maybe you’ll be daring enough to catch some sky and nab one of the several $10 gift certificates, a buy-one-get-one-free Versa spa, or a free Aqua massage. (If you haven’t experienced 36 pulsating jets of warm water massaging your entire body, you don’t know what you’re missing!) If you make a really impressive bid and catch one of the remaining Frisbees, you may find free lotion packets with the purchase of any tanning package or half off a bottle of lotion.

If you’d rather leave the Frisbee nabbing to the nimble-fingered, don’t forget that Joplin’s Tropical Tan is a proud sponsor of MSSU and always offers 20% off with school ID for students, teachers, and alumni. *Some restrictions may apply.

So, keep your hands warm and ready to snag some discs with plenty of great prizes from Tropical Tan at tomorrow night’s game. See you there, and good luck, Lions!

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