Aqua Massage

Tax time have you stressed? Come get an Aqua Massage at Joplin’s Tropical Tan

Are you feeling stressed from pressure at work or school? Do you need to unwind but can’t find the time or money for a traditional massage? Tropical Tan in Joplin wants to help you relax with an Aqua Massage.

Joplin’s Tropical Tan offers 10-, 15- and 20-minute sessions that will ease your stress with 36 pulsating warm water jets. There’s no need to bring a swimsuit, the only thing you need to remove to enjoy an Aqua Massage is your shoes. You stay completely dry and avoid any oily residue you would normally encounter from a traditional massage.

Whether you want a full body massage or simply want to focus on a specific area of pain, the Aqua Massage’s spray bar travels forward and backward to provide you with the customization you’re looking for. You can also adjust jet pressure to ensure you have the most relaxing experience possible. The warm water jets function with unmatchable consistency.

Starting at just $14 for a single 10-minute session, all that’s left to do is stop by Tropical Tan in Joplin and relax. There’s no easier or more comfortable way to relieve your stress. Come by Tropical Tan today to enjoy your Aqua Massage!

An Aqua Massage also makes a great Mother’s Day present! Tropical Tan has several package options to pamper your Mom on Mother’s day that include 30-day unlimited tanning on any tanning bed, Aqua Massage, free versa spa and a single body wrap. These packages provide the most services at the best price. You won’t find a better offer in the Four States. For more information on these packages, stop by Tropical Tan in Joplin today. Your Mom deserves more than a card this year. Give her a Tropical Tan package and show her how much you really love her! God Bless and make it a great day!

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