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Bring In A Friend Special

Listen to our radio commercial:

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Our Bring In A Friend Special is back! Our fans have loved this promotion for over 30 years because it allows them to share their love of tanning and luxury with their friends. We are inviting all of our current clients to bring in friends who have never tried our services before. If your friend decides to buy a tanning package, you’ll both get 50% off! To sweeten the deal, we’re extending the 50% savings to existing clients who haven’t come to see us in a year or more. If you decide to come back to us, we’ll give you a tanning package for half the usual price. Current clients in active standing can bring back friends who haven’t visited us in a year, and both of you will get the special promo price. In the past year, we have added aqua massage beds and Mystic spray tanning. Though we are a tanning salon first and foremost, we stand behind our other services 100%. You and your friends don’t have to be avid tanners to find something to enjoy at Tropical Tan.

We think of our clients as our friends, and we see our Bring In A Friend Special as an opportunity to meet even more amazing people. As always, your complete satisfaction is our top priority. We encourage you to provide feedback about your experiences at Tropical Tan. We also want to know what kinds of specials and contests you’d like to see from us in the future. Use our feedback form, leave us a comment on Facebook or take a minute to chat with us after your next tanning appointment.

God bless and make it a great day!

5 thoughts on “Bring In A Friend Special”

  1. I haven’t been in to Tropical Tan in well over 2 years. I am getting married in May and would like to get a good tan prior to that. Do I have to bring in a friend in order to get 50% off? Also, if I buy a package (i.e. run of the house for 30 days) can I start it at a later date than the purchase date or does it have to start the day I purchase?


    1. Hello Carol,
      Today (2/25-2/28) – Sunday is customer appreciation & 50% off packages & lotions $40 or more, so now is a great time to get the 50% off without bringing a friend… Otherwise, yes, the 50% off bring a friend you do have to bring the friend & both purchase the same package to receive the 50% off. If you purchase our yearly membership you can get 50% off ROH anytime. And yes you can save the ROH for a later date but once you start it it will expire in 30 days. Congratulations on you upcoming wedding! God bless & make it a great day!
      Tropical Tan


    1. Hi! If you are purchasing the yearly at 50% off with your bring in a friend, NO, you can not do the payment plan, that’s only for when you purchase it at full price.


  2. Hi I’m trying to see what packages you have besides Run of the House but the link doesn’t work on my tablet. I am only in Joplin 2 days a week so I can only tan a max of maybe 8 to 10 times ana month (if I come in on the weekend, maybe a couple times). Do you have a package that would fit my schedule and not be a waste of money?


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