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We Need Your Help! Voting ends Feb 5th

Portrait of attractive woman tanning her back in solarium. She is lying at spa. The lady is looking at camera and smiling

We can’t believe it’s February already! Time always flies when you’re having fun, and we definitely have a lot of fun working with our clients every day. It is time once again for the annual Favorite of the Four States competition, and we would be incredibly grateful if you would take a few moments to vote for us by clicking on this link:

This Facebook post contains more information about the contest:

Tropical Tan wouldn’t be where it is today without loyal customers like you. When we get nominated for local awards like Favorite of the Four States, it shows us that we’re doing something right. It makes us feel good to know that we stand out among all of the other businesses in the area. We take pride in having facilities that are clean and maintained properly. We also boast a fully trained and certified staff of tanning technicians. Our state of the art spray tanning booths yield tans that look natural and realistic.

We don’t do what we do just to win awards, but we like using contests like this as opportunities to share our success with you. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for exclusive deals, coupons and contests. We strive to be better with each passing year. Vote for us in the Favorite of the Four States contest and let us know that you want us to keep expanding our vision and providing you with the services that make you look and feel your best.

God bless and make it a great day!

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