Tanning Truths

Positive Effects of Tanning

Many people have preconceived notions about tanning. They receive information from all over the web, television, and from their friends. Tanning is not just an activity that can be done outdoors in the Caribbean, but also can be done in Joplin, Missouri!

Research & Consideration

Before tanning, be sure to review guidelines provided by your tanning salon and any other trusted resources such as TanningTruth.com or SmartTan.com. It is important to make sure you are considering your body and the effects tanning will have on it. Everyone is different. Bodies produce different amounts of vitamins, they have different personalities and feelings, and their skin tans differently. We are all unique so tanning will be a unique experience for each individual. Despite some unsubstantiated hype about tanning, there are many positive results that tanning can provide.

Ultraviolet LightPositive Effects of Tanning

Tanning can provide an ample source of UVA and UVB light, which enables you to have a positive experience. Just like tanning outdoors can make you feel relaxed and fantastic, so can tanning indoors. The warmth and ability to relax, especially during those winter months, can be just the stress reliever that you need. Many people feel refreshed and have a new sense of motivation after tanning, and it can even make them feel beautiful with a new look, hiding many of the blemishes that can be seen on more pale skin.

Vitamin D

UVB rays can also help the body produce vitamin D. Keep in mind that people’s bodies are different and may not need the same sun requirements for production of this vitamin. There are other ways to obtain vitamin D in your system, but tanning may be one of them.

Sunburn Prevention

Getting a good base tan can help you avoid sunburns. Have you ever gone on vacation and on that first day you wanted to spend so much time in the glorious sunshine that made you feel sexy and wonderful that you turned into something that resembled a lobster? Well tanning regularly can help you avoid that! Having a good base tan and only tanning for short periods at a time can help protect your skin for that first time exposure on your luxurious vacation.

Tan Smart in Joplin

The positive effects of tanning indoors are both physical and mental. To learn more about positive effects of tanning, visit WeAreSunshine.com or contact a Tropical Tan team member. We are the only Smart Tan certified tanning salon in Joplin. As a Smart Tan Member, we adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure the best indoor tanning experience possible. Our team is fully trained in UV light administration, properly teaches sunburn prevention indoor and out, insists our clients wear FDA approved protective eyewear and hold tight to the highest sanitation standards.

We provide Joplin with the largest selection of beds and the newest in tanning technology. Our salon offers 9 levels of tanning including high pressure beds and the latest in UV Free spray on tanning. Enjoy our clean, cool and comfortable atmosphere before, during, and after your tan. Call us or come in to learn of the great tanning packages we have available and our monthly specials. Tropical Tan is located at 7th & Illinois. Walk-ins are always welcome! (417) 782-3900


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