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Sunburn Prevention and How to Get Your Summer Base at Joplin’s #1 Tanning Salon

For most people, the occasional sunburn is just another part of summer, right up there with hot dogs, pool parties and trips to the beach. However, it’s important that we remind ourselves what sunburn really is: the severe damaging of the epidermis. And while this damage is usually minor, if it occurs frequently enough or […]

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Tan Smart This Summer

Tanning is a natural way to darken the skin, and many people feel more confident when they are less pale. While some tanners wait for the sunny summer months to acquire the tan that makes them feel the most secure, anyone can maintain the bronzed look year-round by utilizing tanning salon services. What is Tanning? […]

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Smart Tanning for Teens

Prom For high school students across the country, the prom is just around the corner. Everyone likes to look their best for one of the biggest school events of the year, and for a lot of students that means getting a beautiful tan. Depending on who you are, getting a decent tan in time for […]

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How Skin Tans

Dark, glowing skin has an undeniable allure. The secret to beautiful bronzed skin is within our own skin cells, waiting to beunlocked by natural or artificial sunlight. What Exactly Is A Tan? Tanning is your body’s method of increasing your natural protection against sun exposure. It is caused by your skin being flooded with melanin, […]

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Tanning for Teens: The Smart Way

Whether it is for spring break or prom, more teens are getting involved with indoor and outdoor tanning. No matter the reason, it is important to teach teens the smart way to tan to decrease their risk of sunburn and skin damage. Our tanning salon is equipped and our staff is trained to assist teens […]

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Positive Effects of Tanning

Many people have preconceived notions about tanning. They receive information from all over the web, television, and from their friends. Tanning is not just an activity that can be done outdoors in the Caribbean, but also can be done in Joplin, Missouri! Research & Consideration Before tanning, be sure to review guidelines provided by your […]

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Benefits of Indoor Tanning

Glowing bronze skin is a highly desired mark of beauty. Indoor tanning is an easy way to achieve gorgeous skin and feel beautiful. There are several advantages to indoor tanning: Control of UV Exposure The main advantage of indoor tanning is that you can control the amount of UV rays you expose your skin to. Some people […]

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We Are Smart Tan Certified

  Tanning can offer a person many benefits, especially in climates where the rain is ample or the days are short for long periods of the year. In order to optimally take advantage of the benefits that tanning can offer a person, the facilities chosen should staff employees that are adequately trained to help a […]

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