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Tips for Protecting Your Skin on Spring Break

Tips for Protecting Your Skin on Spring Break

If you are like a lot of people, I bet you already are planning your spring break. Whether you go to South Padre Island or the Bahamas, taking a spring break can be a blast. During your spring break, you can swim, sunbathe on the beach and just have fun with your friends. However, your spring break can turn into a painful nightmare if you get a sunburn. A sunburn not only hurts; it can also increase your risk of getting skin cancer. Getting a base tan at Tropical Tan beforehand can help prevent a sunburn. (Special Alert: Receive 25% off select packages now till March 17th when you wear green at Tropical Tan.) Here are some tips on how you can achieve a base tan & avoid sunburn.

Use a Tanning Accelerator Lotion

If you want to get a base tan quickly, you have to use a good tanning accelerator lotion. This lotion will stimulate the melanin of the skin, giving you a deeper tan. Just apply the lotion all over your body before you go in the tanning bed. (Special Alert: From now till March 17th at Tropical Tan, find a bottle of lotion with green on it & receive 25% off!)

Build Your Tan Gradually

It is not a good idea to go in the tanning bed for 20 minutes your first time, especially if you have very fair skin. During your first two or three sessions, you should only go in the tanning bed for six or seven minutes to avoid getting a sunburn. Tropical Tan has a Free Skin Type Analysis Form to help determine your skin type & how long you should tan your first time. When you build more color, our Smart Tan Certified Staff will increase the amount of time you can tan. Keep in mind that if you burn, you will not be able to tan untill the burn is gone.

The Golden Rule of Tanning: Never Burn, Always Build Your Tan! 

Apply a Moisturizer to Your Skin Each Day

Make sure to apply a good moisturizer to your skin each day, especially after you finish tanning & after you shower. Moisturizing your skin will help keep your tan beautiful longer by keeping your skin from getting dry and flaky. (Special Alert: When you spend $50 you can get 50% off a tan extending moisturizer with green on it now till March 17th at Tropical Tan.)

Smart Tan in Joplin

Tropical Tan is the only Smart Tan certified tanning salon in Joplin, Missouri. As a Smart Tan Member, we adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure the best indoor tanning experience possible. Our team is fully trained in UV light administration, properly teaches sunburn prevention indoor and out, insists our clients wear FDA approved protective eyewear and hold tight to the highest sanitation standards.

We provide Joplin with the largest selection of beds and the newest in tanning technology. Our salon offers 9 levels of tanning including high pressure beds and the latest in UV Free spray on tanning. Enjoy our clean, cool and comfortable atmosphere before, during, and after your tan. Call us or come in to learn of the great tanning packages we have available and our monthly specials. Tropical Tan is located at 7th & Illinois. Walk-ins are always welcome! (417) 782-3900


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