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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Four young friends and a woman at Halloween eating treats and sm

With Halloween fast approaching, maybe you have been too busy with your work and personal life to go shopping for a costume. If your favorite party is just around the corner, there are two things you need to do before your grand arrival—tan and show up looking smoking hot in the coolest costume ever!

Here at Tropical Tan of Joplin, Missouri, we want to take a little stress off your shoulders. So after you are done relaxing under our hot lamps, it is time to focus on your look. Here are a few last minute Halloween costume ideas for your spooky shindig!Zombified!
A popular costume choice for many recent years has been zombies. Zombies are taking the Halloween circuit by storm and you can basically pull together an outfit in minutes! The good thing about this costume type is that you can use many things you may already have around the house. Here are a few items to get you started:

  • Old prom dress or suit
  • Acrylic paint and costume makeup
  • Torn or shredded clothing

Transforming into a zombie can be thrilling and is also a great way to reuse items that you may already have around the house. Rip up some sleeves and use paint to transform your face and clothing into a “just out of the grave” look. The zombie look means utilizing torn and distressed clothing to your advantage to create a half-dead look that will really creep out other party-goers.

The Great Gatsby is a timeless classic focusing on long-lost love found once again. With the book becoming a blockbuster summer hit, dressing up to be Jay Gatsby or Daisy Buchanan is a really hot option for a last minute costume. While having classic 20s attire would really set off the look, you can achieve a close match by wearing a modern flapper dress and a sleek suit. Dress up your makeup and hair to match the classic look of the roaring 20s.

Miley Cyrus
While everyone knows Miley’s look has changed over the past five years, she is one of the most popular costume options this year. Twerk it out with a crazy, skimpy body-hugging bustier with short shorts or sport the classic Miley in her Hannah Montana days—funky punk rock/ good girl next door.

Before and after your Halloween festivities, look your best by visiting Tropical Tan of Joplin, Missouri. We will analyze your needs and get you into the best tanning package within your budget.

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