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Tropical Tan’s October Specials in Recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Tropical Tan's October Specials in Recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a month where organizations such as national public service organizations, professional medical organizations and government agencies collaborate with one another in order to raise funds for and awareness of Breast Cancer research.

October Special at Tropical Tan

In October, we will be offering several specials in order to contribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If a client donates $3 or more, they will receive 25% off of tanning packages*. If a client spends $50 or more, they will get to spin a wheel to win free products or services!

These specials are awesome deals that not only save you money, but also raise funds and awareness for battling breast cancer. In addition, new research suggests tanning may increase levels of vitamin D, which acts as a natural suppressant of breast cancer.

Vitamin D, Breast Cancer and Tanning

Studies have shown that increased levels of vitamin D can reduce a woman’s chances of developing breast cancer by 50-70% and vitamin D levels can be increased through indoor tanning or the sun!

Even better, just one session of non-burning indoor tanning can provide the equivalent amount of vitamin D as 100 glasses of milk!

Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine” vitamin, and sun beds and the sun alike emit enough UVB light to cause natural vitamin D production. A study published in the Journal of Oncology showed that only 6% of early-stage breast cancer patients had sufficient vitamin D levels.¹

This shocking statistic reveals that this single vitamin can potentially reduce the onset of breast cancer in a huge percentage of the population.

Take Advantage of these Specials and Increase Your Vitamin D Levels!

With this great news about the ability of vitamin D to reduce breast cancer occurrence, it’s important for all women to ensure they have sufficient levels of vitamin D. That’s why Tropical Tan’s October specials as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month are an excellent offer to take advantage of, as clients will not only be contributing to raising funds to fight breast cancer, but will also be taking care to ensure their own risk is reduced through the natural production of vitamin D as a result of indoor tanning.

Joplin’s #1 Tanning Salon

Tropical Tan is located at 705 Illinois, Suite 17A, Joplin, Missouri 64801 and can be reached at (417) 782-3900. Stop in today to see why we are Joplin’s favorite tanning salon and find out more about these amazing specials! No appointment is necessary.

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*Some restrictions apply.
1. “More Evidence Links Breast Cancer and Vitamin D Deficiency, New Study Finds” November 11, 2009.


Fighting Breast Cancer
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