Red Light Therapy

Radiance Red Light Therapy at Joplin’s Tropical Tan is a great way to improve your skin tone

Tropical Tan wants to help you have the best, smoothest, refined skin possible – and one of the best ways to achieve that look is with Radiance Red Light Therapy.

Whether you want to decrease the appearance of age-related wrinkles, firm up and tone your skin or reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, Radiance Red Light Therapy can help you! We offer a non-intrusive way to naturally increase collagen production within your body – this is important because it fills in wrinkles and tightens aging, sagging skin that leads to smoother, tighter, healthier looking skin.

Collagen is commonly used in cosmetic surgery and wound care to improve the appearance of aged or damaged skin. It fills the gaps left by wrinkles and acts as a glue to improve your skin’s tone. Radiance Red Light Therapy increases collagen production by penetrating the outer layer of skin with non-UV Red Light that encourages the soft tissue under your skin to firm up.

Radiance Red Light therapy is a safe, yet effective system to improve your skin’s permeability, vitality, elasticity and firmness while decreasing any visual damage to your skin. Radiance Red Light Therapy is also a great way to maximize your skin’s ability to tan! By increasing oxidation of your skin and bringing more blood to your skin’s surface, Radiance Red Light Therapy actually improves your skin’s pigmentation!

We offer a variety of treatment options for better skin through Radiance Red Light Therapy, including a month of unlimited treatment, a 12-session package, or a 21-session package. Our VIP Run of the House package also includes Radiance Red Light Therapy to offer you the best all around deal! Stop by Tropical Tan in Joplin today to improve your skin’s appearance through Radiance Red Light Therapy. God bless and make it a great day!

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