Tanning Lotions

Keep your body hydrated when you tan at Joplin’s Tropical Tan

At Tropical Tan in Joplin, we often talk about how to get the best tan. We discuss how often to tan, which tanning bed to select or even the length of a session. However, an important and oftentimes overlooked aspect of tanning is hydration.

As our skin tans, the outer layer naturally dries out. Because your skin often replenishes dry, dead skin, the outer layer peels or flakes to make room for a new layer of skin. When this happens, your tan peels or flakes with it. The new layer hasn’t had the same exposure to the sun and creates white spots and uneven skin. You can prevent this by taking a few steps to hydrate your beautiful, tanned skin.

First, it’s important to stay hydrated. At Tropical Tan, we recommend you drink eight full cups of water (eight ounces) every day. If you work up a sweat, you may need to drink more than that. Staying hydrated allows our bodies to naturally exfoliate toxins and impurities, which promotes healthier looking skin and a darker, longer-lasting tan.

The next step in keeping the skin hydrated is to use a moisturizer after tanning sessions. Because our skin naturally dries during the tanning process, it’s vitally important to hydrate afterwards. Using a moisturizer will ensure your tanned skin remains in good condition by replenishing the fluids lost through the tanning process. Next time you come in to Tropical Tan, make sure to ask about the products we offer to help keep your body beautiful.

The final step to keep your skin hydrated is to pick the right tanning lotion for your skin. To get the desired results, it’s important to use a lotion that enhances your tan and hydrates your skin. To ensure you select the correct lotion for your skin type, speak with our smart tan trained staff. Here at Tropical Tan, we’ll gladly recommend a lotion that will maximize your results while keeping your skin looking healthy. This month receive 25% off select packages & bottled lotion.  We look forward to seeing you at Tropical Tan soon!

God bless and make it a great day!

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