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Joplin’s Tropical Tan can help every skin tone under the sun

At Tropical Tan in Joplin, we have a variety of tanning beds to meet the needs of every skin tone under the sun. With more than 30 tanning beds, you can be assured that Tropical Tan has what you’re searching for. We offer the best selection of tanning beds in the four states – including 17 different entry-level beds, which are approximately 20 percent stronger than conventional beds offered by our competitors. In our entry-level beds you can build and maintain your tan in just a 20-minute session!

If you’ve built a good base tan or have a darker skin tone, our Premium beds may be for you! Simply lie down and relax during a maximum 20-minute session. Our premium beds offer 36 lamps with reflectors and are 30 percent stronger than our entry-level beds.

We also offer specialty beds, such as the Sunsport, Magic, Cayenne, Icon and Power of Chi. These beds offer intensified tanning and unique features to help you feel totally pampered. The Sunsport contains a comfortable massaging mattress that helps you relax during your 20-minute session. The Icon, Cayenne and Power of Chi offer a body mist spray that keeps your skin cool as you relax. The Power of Chi also comes with intensified tanning and a body mist spray. Tanning has never been more relaxing. Come by Joplin’s Tropical Tan and experience it for yourself!

You wont find a larger variety of tanning options in the Four States. With other services such as Aqua Massage, Red Light Radiance Therapy and Infrared Body Wraps, Joplin’s Tropical Tan is the full service, one-stop-shop tanning salon you’ve been searching for. Stop by today and discover why Tropical Tan was voted as the 2014 Joplin Globe Reader’s Choice “Favorite of the Four States!”

God bless, and make it a great day!

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