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Medications Matter

Tanning Joplin Missouri

Transparency and communication are incredibly important when changing anything about your body. Tanning is not a medical procedure, but you still need to inform us if you are on any new medications or have experienced any notable physical changes. We realize this is a sensitive issue, but we only encourage disclosure because we care so much about our loyal Tropical Tan clients!

Some medications can cause your skin to become more sensitive to sunlight. This is called photosensitivity. This doesn’t just apply to topical creams or ointments. Lots of oral medications can affect the way your skin reacts to light. The most obvious culprits are acne and anti-aging treatments. Anything containing retinol draws away the top protective layers of your skin, eliminating one component of your barrier against sunburn. Oral medications like Accutane do same thing to a more extreme degree. Even relatively benign treatments like antibiotics may necessitate a shift in your regular tanning routine.

When your doctor prescribes you a new medication, make sure you ask him or her if it will change your skin’s photosensitivity levels. Let us know this information before your next tanning session so we can adjust your Smart Tan bed accordingly. As an alternative, we may recommend one of our sunless spray tans until you have finished up your round of medication.

Lots of normal skincare products can affect your skin’s reaction to Tropical Tan’s Smart Tan beds. AHA and BHA creams make your skin more sensitive. Ointments that dry out blemishes can make your skin feel irritated after tanning. If you are a new Tropical Tan client, please inform us of your complete skincare routine and any medications you might be on. These are important factors in designing the right tanning program for you.

God bless and make it a great day!

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