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Quick Tan in Only 7 minutes with Eclipse


With the warm weather finally here, most people are looking forward to showcasing beautifully bronzed skin. However, we don’t all have the time to lay by the pool for hours and build a tan. Therefore, visiting a tanning salon is ideal and convenient. The Eclipse offers you the option to tan quickly!

The Unbeatable Eclipse Tanning Experience

The experience you’ll get in an Eclipse tanning capsule is unlike any you’ve had before. This amazing capsule offers a tanning experience where you can stand up, allowing you to tan the areas often missed by tanning beds. The capsule is based on a control module that comes complete with an integrated timer, a radio, a sturdy door for privacy and a dressing room. Aside from all the perks surrounding you when entering your capsule, there are several benefits associated with the performance of the capsule. This capsule offers an elevated floor, ensuring you’ll receive the ultimate tan from head to toe. The Eclipse provides an ultra high performance because of the increased exposure provided by two Cosmolux Lamps. Because of the immensely powerful performance of the Eclipse, you can build a beautiful tan in only seven minutes. With all the bells and whistles that come with the Eclipse tanning capsule, you can be sure your experience will be ideal.

Quick Tan in Joplin Missouri

Clearly the Eclipse tanning capsule offers a unique and luxurious experience that is perfect for anyone seeking a powerful tan without spending all day in the sun. By simply visiting your local Smart Tan certified tanning salon, you can enjoy an Eclipse tanning experience.

Tropical Tan in Joplin, Missouri is proud to offer the Eclipse tanning experience to the Four State area. Visit our location at 7th and Illinois or call us at (417) 782-3900 with any questions you have about the Eclipse or to schedule a tan. Walk-ins are always welcome!

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Eclipse at Tropical Tan
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