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Tan Smart This Summer

Tan Smart This Summer

Tanning is a natural way to darken the skin, and many people feel more confident when they are less pale. While some tanners wait for the sunny summer months to acquire the tan that makes them feel the most secure, anyone can maintain the bronzed look year-round by utilizing tanning salon services.

What is Tanning?

Whether tanning indoors or outdoors, the melanocytes within the epidermis produce melanin that is absorbed by other skin cells. The melanin gets even darker when exposed to UVA light.

Skin cells are constantly rejuvenating themselves, and newer cells push up on the tanned ones after about a month of decreased exposure to both UVA and UVB light. Therefore, outdoor tanners quickly lose their summer glow as winter approaches.

Protection is Key

Ultraviolet protection is crucial whether the tan is being acquired indoors or outdoors. A sunblock should be used any time there is to be UV exposure. Depending on how deep the base tan is, the SPF necessary can vary for individuals. Indoor tanning facilities give clients access to seasoned professionals who can consult them toward the lotion that will be most effective for them.

UV Control

Strong UV rays can severely damage skin. Unfortunately for outdoor tanners, they have absolutely no control over the levels they are being exposed to. This can lead to serious sunburns. Indoor tanning facilities give the tanner the ability to adjust the UV levels, and a consultant is on staff to make sure those levels are appropriate.

Indoor Tanning Safety

Although the UV levels are controlled, there are still a few safety precautions that should be followed by the indoor tanner. The facility provides goggles, and it is important to wear them. Furthermore, the lips do not tan, so a lip balm containing SPF provides added protection.

A beautiful, year-round tan is possible. To find out how you can start, visit your local Smart Tan certified tanning salon for more information or to visit smarttan.com.

Tan Smart in Joplin

Tropical Tan is the only Smart Tan certified tanning salon in Joplin, Missouri. As a Smart Tan Member, we adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure the best indoor tanning experience possible. Our team is fully trained in UV light administration, properly teaches sunburn prevention indoor and out, insists our clients wear FDA approved protective eyewear and hold tight to the highest sanitation standards.

We provide Joplin with the largest selection of beds and the newest in tanning technology. Our salon offers 9 levels of tanning including high pressure beds and the latest in UV Free spray on tanning. Enjoy our clean, cool and comfortable atmosphere before, during, and after your tan. Call us or come in to learn of the great tanning packages we have available and our monthly specials. Tropical Tan is located at 7th & Illinois. Walk-ins are always welcome! (417) 782-3900

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