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Warmer weather in Joplin means it’s time to start tanning! [FACEBOOK CONTEST]

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Summer is quickly approaching and we’re getting excited about spending some time out in the sun. It’s one of our favorite things. However, sunburns associated with summer are not! Joplin’s Tropical Tan is here to help you find the best tanning options out there – from spray tanning to 9 levels of tanning beds, Tropical Tan offers the largest selection of tanning beds as well as the Radiant red-light therapy bed, 2 Aqua massage therapy beds,  Versa Spa & Mystic HD UV-free spray-on tanning beds, and the Formostar Infrared Body Wrap system.

The intense heat that we often get during the summer months in Joplin is cause for concern over spending any amount of time in the sun. When temperatures approach triple digits, the fear of getting sunburned can ruin the most beautiful summer days. Here at Tropical Tan, we want to help you prepare your skin for the summer sun so that you can enjoy the outdoors … and look great while you’re at it!

How can we prepare our skin to enhance our summer experiences – whether it be mornings on the golf course, days at the lake or weekends in the garden – while avoiding the dreaded sunburn? We at Tropical Tan recommend starting with what’s known as a “base tan.”

A base tan is incredibly valuable in helping to prevent skin damage throughout the summer. When our body is exposed to UV light, the body produces Melanin, which acts as a barrier around our skin, protecting it against overexposure. Essentially, our skin naturally produces a chemical that helps fight against UV exposure, building resistance to higher amounts of exposure later in the summer. Melanin is our body’s natural sunscreen! It’s a powerful anti-oxidant that helps the skin naturally eliminate free-radicals that can cause damage. As the skin tans, the outer layer thickens, which makes the skin more resilient against sunburn.

How can you take care of your skin throughout the summer? It’s easy – start by getting a base tan at Tropical Tan today!

Also, don’t forget to participate in our current contest. The winner of the contest will receive a VIP Run of the House – a $179.95 value that includes: 30 days of unlimited tanning from any tanning bed, daily aqua massage, 4 spray tans and up to 12 radiant red-light therapy sessions. Those who wish to participate in the contest can share the contest on Facebook and then provide a name and email address in the registration form below. Plus Show $Green, Save $Green ends soon. So hurry in to to Tropical Tan to receive 25% off select packages and bottled lotions* (some restrictions may apply). Thank you again for voting us Favorite of the 4-States! Make it a great day and God bless!

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