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Sunburn Prevention and How to Get Your Summer Base at Joplin’s #1 Tanning Salon

Sunburn Prevention and How to Get Your Summer Base at Jolplin's #1 Tanning Salon

For most people, the occasional sunburn is just another part of summer, right up there with hot dogs, pool parties and trips to the beach. However, it’s important that we remind ourselves what sunburn really is: the severe damaging of the epidermis. And while this damage is usually minor, if it occurs frequently enough or without proper treatment, your skin may never fully recover.

How and Why to Prevent Sunburn

As we’ve already mentioned, prolonged exposure can cause damage to the epidermis (skin), commonly resulting in redness, blistering and shedding – usually called a “sunburn.” However, sunburns are not just minor inconveniences, they represent a real danger to your health. Not only are severe sunburns enough to put you in the hospital – this is commonly called “sun stroke” – but significant exposure can lead to dramatic changes in the skin, from the appearance of freckles and moles to the development of cancerous tumors and lesions. This is why it’s important to wear special lotions and make sure your skin is properly moisturized when you are in the sun.

Smart Tanning

Another way to prevent sunburns is to use a tanning salon to develop a “base tan.” This is a light browning of the skin that helps prepare the epidermis for exposure to sunlight. After all, despite the dangers of sunburn, there’s no denying that a good tan can help one appear vibrant. So if a golden summer tan is what you’re after, make sure you use the best services and equipment available to achieve it.

And one way to know that your local salon technician is properly trained is to look for a Smart Tan certification. Smart Tan Salons are more than just a tanning bed and a clock. Here you’ll receive a full skin evaluation and consultation to ensure that your skin will always be protected.

Sunburn Prevention in Joplin Missouri

Tropical Tan is the only Smart Tan certified tanning salon in Joplin, Missouri. As a Smart Tan Member, we adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure the best indoor tanning experience possible. Our team is fully trained in UV light administration, properly teaches sunburn prevention indoor and out, insists our clients wear FDA approved protective eyewear and hold tight to the highest sanitation standards.

We provide Joplin with the largest selection of beds and the newest in tanning technology. Our salon offers 9 levels of tanning including high pressure beds and the latest in UV Free spray on tanning. Enjoy our clean, cool and comfortable atmosphere before, during, and after your tan. Call us or come in to learn of the great tanning packages we have available and our monthly specials. Tropical Tan is located at 7th & Illinois. Walk-ins are always welcome! (417) 782-3900

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